• Hubertushof - mein Hotel in Thumersbach
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  • Hubertushof - mein Hotel in Thumersbach
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About the hotel and its history

The Hotel St. Hubertushof is a traditional, family-run business with an innovative mindset and way of acting. We manage our hotel in an honest, reliable and fair way, and guarantee the free and unhindered development of all the people and undertakings with which we are connected.

 The historical background of the Hotel “St. Hubertushof”

In early 1961, Josef Hollaus, senior, who at this time worked in the wood industry, built the Hubertus bed and breakfast. His wife Erna Hollaus managed this business so well that in 1966 the bed and breakfast had to be expanded by 50 guest beds in order to cope with the large number of guests. In December 1972, the business was further expanded and the Hotel St. Hubertushof and its “a la carte” restaurant were born. The Hollaus family now ran the Hotel St. Hubertushof with 35 employees. Their children, Josef, Veronica, Erich and Christian, became more and more involved in the running of the hotel until each of them managed their own department. Further expansion took place in 1976 and our very beautiful “a la carte” and event dining room, which still exists today, was built. A hairdresser’s and a photo store were also added. The business appeared to be going from strength to strength, and the large number of guests wasn’t letting up. This is why, in 1986, the Hollaus family decided to increase the number of beds available one last time. This plan was implemented in1987. Four seminar rooms were also added. The Hotel St. Hubertushof now had more than 220 guest beds available. In 1995, Josef Hollaus, junior, became managing director of the limited liability company and decided to rebuild and modernise the whole entrance area. At the same time a bar was built into the reception area.


Information on the protagonists (the family members who work together in the business) and the owners of the Hotel St. Hubertushof


Erna Hollaus geb. 1931
Hotelmanagerin until 1995


Josef Hollaus Senior geb. 1929
Erbauer und Mentor des Hotels


Josef Hollaus Junior geb. 1954
1975 – 1979 im Hotel tätig als Chef de Rang
1979 – 1991 Küchenchef
1991 – 1995 F&B und Reservierung
seit 1995 Geschäftsführer der Josef Hollaus GmbH & Co KG


Annemarie Seeber geb. 1956
Seit 1977 im Hotel in der Buchhaltung und Rezeption tätig,
später dann als "Gouvernante"


Veronica Hollaus geb. 1951
1972 – 1980 Buchhaltung und Rezeption


Erich Hollaus geb. 1958
1978 – 1983 Chef de Rang im Pensions-Speisesaal
1983 – 1991 Diskothek Hubertuskeller
1986 – 1991 Aufbau und Weiterführung des Skiverleihs


Christian Hollaus geb. 1965
1991 - 1995 Diskothek Hubertuskeller


Individual family members’ task areas

Erna Hollaus manages the breakfast kitchen and the breakfast service.
Josef Hollaus, senior, runs the hotel’s own ski hire service and, due to his long years of experience as a successful businessman, is used as a consultant when investments are being made in the hotel.
Annemarie Hollaus is responsible for all of the decorations in the hotel. She determines the style of the Hotel St. Hubertushof. She also greets guests and allocates tables in the bed-and-breakfast dining room.
Josef Holluas, junior, is the managing director and has been managing the family-run business since 1995.
Michael Hollaus is responsible for the whole service/kitchen area and takes on the organising of weddings and other exceptional events.


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